Grant Criteria

The following criteria have been established to help guide the grant application process.  If teachers have questions about the application process, they may contact a member of the grant review committee.

Coming Soon: 2020/2021 Grant Application Form
(check back in October to submit a grant application online) 


Consideration will be given to projects having the following criteria: 

  • The application describes a well-conceived educational plan and applicate has completed the application form properly 
  • The project has the potential to be used in other classrooms or schools; other teachers may be able to use the results of the project 
  • Project impacts more than a few students, teachers or staff 
  • The project is targeted toward an audience identified as benefiting from enrichment   
  • The project will make a difference for students and has the potential to improve the quality of learning in CSD 
  • Project Demonstrates a unique or improved approach to enhance education 

CEF will fund: 

  • Technology that promotes educational excellence and innovation 
  • On-site or off-site programs that promote innovative learning experiences 
  • Authors/experts who educate and inspire students and teachers 
  • Ideas that promote CEF mission 

CEF will NOT fund: 

  • Building improvements (i.e. furniture not related to collaborative learning, playground equipment) 
  • Projects that would dictate curriculum changes to the District 
  • Projects where funding is or should be available through the district   
  • Projects inconsistent with District curriculum guidelines 
  • Staff positions historically funded by District  

Our Mission
The Cedarburg Education Foundation provides a means for schools, individuals and businesses to work together to help students achieve their potential by providing financial support through private funding.  

Goals & Objectives 

  • Stimulate outstanding academic achievement and provide enhanced learning opportunities to students. 
  • Increase local business, civic and community involvement within the school district. 
  • Support outstanding achievement by students, teachers, administrators and support staff. 
  • Stimulate the introduction of innovative educational opportunities that will enrich the quality of education. 
  • Provide a continuous funding source for programs that inspire all students to succeed.